What I Always Do, 3 min video, 2013

What I Always Do is a three minute mash-up rom-com made using found footage of the closing scene of Western film Man of the West (d: Anthony Mann, 1958) starring Gary Cooper and Julie London. The footage was found on the end of a home-record VHS tape which had another film recorded over it, leaving only this scene from Man of the West.

What I Always Do utilises this short remaining segment to create a vignette of two lovers as they struggle to say how they truly feel, and in which as viewers we are not privy to their shared history. The repetetive shots as the characters gaze into each others’ eyes become farcical when set against the fluctuating melodramatic backdrop of the score—a medley of Man of the West’s closing song and the end credits of Big (1988), found on the same VHS tape.