Nothing has changed, two-channel video & concrete screen, 2019
Installation views at the Glue Factory, Glasgow, 3.2 x 2.4 m

Articulated through mime and mimicry, this work considers the ways in which borders manifest in the world, and the futility of walls.

A lone figure, played by Dylan Read, encounters a series of borders which he must overcome. These structures are not visible to the viewer, only to Dylan, and we understand them only through his interactions. The concrete screen acts as a wall within the gallery space, which the viewer must negotiate to find their way to the back of the screen, where a white-collar chameleon continuously roams a desk of hard drives, appearing to extract their data as he changes his colour to match them.

With thanks to the Centre for Contemporary Arts for the use of their theatre space for filming.

Excerpts from video (front channel):