Rachel McBrinn, Are you going my way?, 23 mins (2023)

Are you going my way? is a film rooted in my hometown Livingston, one of Scotland’s five post-war New Towns. With contributions from Dean Swift, former landscape architect for the Livingston Development Corporation, and residents (past and present) of Deans South, one of the first council housing schemes in Livingston which is currently undergoing demolition, the film positions the town as a home for divergent and complex narratives which emerge from cycles of building and demolition, growing and felling, planning and waiting.

Are you going my way? has emerged from a research-led residency commissioned by Rhubaba, and is accompanied by limited edition publication Winding Up Body.


Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 17 April 2023
Online Screening, MAP Magazine, 18 April - 18 May 2023

DP (16mm): Alex Hetherington
Producer: Alison Scott
With thanks to Dean Swift, Kerry-Louise McIntosh, Diane Crompton & Angela Boyle, Janet Wood, Shirley Cameron.