A Lower Volume, Rachel McBrinn and Alison Piper, video installation with pool of water
Original dimensions 4.8 x 7m

A Lower Volume is a site-specific audio visual installation that was first exhibited in one of 24 disused vaults on East Market Street, Edinburgh, as part of Hidden Door Festival in May 2014. The piece takes the form of a mesmeric video projection onto a semi-circular end wall, which is mirrored in a pool of dark water, creating a circular moving image that illuminates the otherwise pitch-black space.

The end result is an immersive and illusory journey through liquid and light, challenging the viewer’s perception of the physical space in front of them.

The vault is tunnel-like though leads nowhere, A Lower Volume presents visual possibilities for an alternative ending.

A Lower Volume, Rachel McBrinn and Alison Piper, 2014 (digitally reflected version)